These plugins can Set up a Straight Lightwave Character rig in Seconds.


Design Peter Thomas - Lscript Samuel Kvaalen

These are My personal Rigging tools and help me in my day to day 3D work. What would normally take 3 to 8 hours to do, this the plugins does in seconds and with NO attached Plugins to the finished Rig .

What T4D rigging Tools does that other Rigging plugin Don’t

YOU CAN Rig for other Lightwave users Without needing to give them any special plugins

YOU CAN Edit the rig easy adding custom Eyes, Ears, tails, wings Etc. to the Rigs without the rig getting in the way, again it’s straight Lightwave so you can change anything as you normaly would do in Lightwave without have to mess with setting etc for plugins attached

NEW YOU CAN Animate large numbers on Characters in the same scene using the New IK ON /OFF switch for any rig made with these rigging tools

Unlimited Email support have a problem?, Email me the object & scene file and I’ll fixes you up in no time =)

New Version 3.11



Completely rewritten & redesigned rig

Quick Picker Pro Version 3 now comes with the package !!

Fast, open rig ready to animate or edit to suit your special needs

All controls are bones making animating a breeze, key all items at once & uses selection sets much better

( standard rigs use nulls for controls, Lightwave can’t select nulls and bones at the same time )

Multi Character scenes much easier to work with ( NO IK slowdown ) When you uses the NEW Character IK ON/OFF feature built into the new V3 rigs

These plugins make the Character Rigs



NEW Content Victora From DAZ Studio !

( This the low polygon version great for Subdivision surfaces )

Rigged and ready to uses in Lightwave

Click picture to download 4 meg demo Quicktime VR of Victora rig with the tools

2 Negative Frame paste plugins

Store poses for character objects, bones, face bones and joystick

 in Negative frame space


 For Lightwave 9.3 and below

Newtek changed some internal Lscript issues so these plugins have no support for 9.3 and above on Windows.

Quick Picker PRO V3

By Samuel Kvaalen

Please Note

Helps Select Character controls Editable & can save setting, create your own interfaces,

even create buttons to Lightwave commands & micros

Issue with Lightwave 8.5 has developed on the Latest update for Mac users Everything still works prefect for PC users

but for some reason Mac users have a bug with Quick picker Pro in LW8.5

( Lscript is “should” be the same on Mac and Windows, Newtek are working on fixing this issue )


Simple fast rigs tested & Used in studio’s around the world

Speedy Showcheck production -> Tech stuff =)

Comments from Happy users

Here is a - " Thomas4D Creation " - Love this rig...

I'm going to have a blast animating her ! Thanx to the master of Rigs that is

Quote From- Proton ( William Vaughan ) Lightwave 3D Evangelist

 Thanks to you, I'm one F#@%#*#!!! happy animator! I'm using Lightwave for a couple of years and I wasn't able to rig a decent character. I'm a pretty good modeler and an experienced 2D animator, but when I had to set up a character it was hell. Not any more...My characters are fully functional few minutes after they're finished in Modeler.Thanks, man. Your rigging tools were the best money I spent this year.Can't wait to play with version 2!

MOst JOy!!!!!.  Marcos Piolla from P U G N A X™

I rarely wax eloquent about plugins and software and stuff but all I can say is (in the immortal words of Strong Bad) Holy Crap!!! I about wet my pants after I started messing around with my rigged character. Infriggincredible. Great job man.

Brad T. Bowman - Digital Artist at Zomotion

You're a creative man. This is an awesome setup for Lightwave. Thanks again.

Quote From- Gavin Wigg, Animator/Producer -- Vision Video Inc."

Thanks, I’m putting the rig through some strenuous animation at the moment,

and I’m having a ball. Its an excellent toolset and easily worth 10 times the price.

Great stuff! Cheers , Eammon Jones

 Your plugin tools are excellent by the way... it made me realise how much more I had to learn before animating a character with FK / IK etc. Now with your tools I don't even have to think about it, I just move the characters as I want :)

Andy H.

 Really enjoying using your scripts, and looking forward to the new versions.

 Thanks for a real time saving tool!

Matthew Robson


Thomas4D Rigging Tools

$60 US Dollars


The Latest version can be downloaded from here



Download the Lightwave 9.6 Plugins


VERSION 3.1 FOR 9.3 Below

Download the Lightwave Plugins

Including PDF manual

Download Here


Bug Fixes and minor updates

3 biped & 1 quad Character Template/Exsamples included

Download Here


3 biped & 1 quad Character Template/Exsamples included

Download Here


Demo Rig Download

This character was modeled By Pisong Designs and Rigged in Lightwave 8.5

Using Thomas4D rigging Tools By Peter Thomas

Some minor weight assigning was done ( fingers, Legs etc ) but it is a pretty standard rig, total rigging time 5 mins

Also I have added a Joystick Face rig to control the endomorphs using my free NJoyNulls plugins AND added a face bone rig as well mainly just to give an exsample of how far you can go with this stuff ;)

these face rigs took another 45 mins to setup

( should work for Lightwave 7.5 and up but i have not tested it )



Video Tutorials For Thomas4d Rigging Tools & Lightwave 3D


Demo of rig can be download from this Spinquad thread

Version 3 Video Tutorials

Animating Using a T4D Rig


Installing & Setup Menus


Daz Studio to Lightwave


Poser 4 or 5 to Lightwave


Step 1 Lightwave Modeler


Step 2 Lightwave Layout


Mutli Character IK On/OFF Feature






Free General Lightwave Video Tutorials


 Free PluginN JoyNulls Joystick face rigs


Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page).

Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please E-mail us t4d@thomas4d.com

Q- Do I get ALL the plugins listed for $60 US dollars !! or is it $60 each ?

Yes ALL the plugins on the Thomas4D rigging Tools page you get for $60 US Dollars =)


Q- Once I purchase the plugins how do I get them ? Do you post them ?

A- I ‘ll email the email address used to purchase the plugin with the download links

the plugins are about 1 meg Content is 8 megs in total

and tutorials Videos are 180Megs and growing =)


Q- how do i install /update the plugins

OK first open the plugins directory of your current version of Lightwave 7.5c or 8

if you have a old version move or delete those plugins out of the Lightwave plugins directory

unzip the files and move the directory T4D_Rigging_Tools with the sub-directory Face_Controls to the plugins directory of lightwave

Now open lightwave layout and add the plugins as you would normally

in LW 8 go to Utilities Tab and select the add or edit plugins button now find teh thomas4D tools directory in the plugins folder and select all of the plugin in the file

( except the T4D_Face_Rigger.exp that's a lib for graph editor )

in LW 7.5c go to layout Tab up left hen plugins and select the add or edit plugins button now find teh thomas4D tools directory in the plugins folder and select all of the plugin in the file

( except the T4D_Face_Rigger.exp that's a lib for graph editor )

a message should come up saying you have installed 16 plugins

now edit the menu's in lightwave by going

In Lw 8 goto the edit tab top left corner and select edit menu layout and a panel will open up

in the left side of the tab it list all the Lightwave commands open the plugins tab move to the T section and selection all the new plugin there with T4D in the name

and then in the right side it lists all teh Menus open one of the tabs under Main Menu and place the plugin where you would like them to be ( Personally create a new group called T4D Tools and place them there )

In Lw 7.5c goto the Layout tab top left corner and select interface and select edit menu layout and a panel will open up

in the left side of the tab it list all the Lightwave commands open the plugins tab move to the T section and selection all the new plugin there with T4D in the name

and then in the right side it lists all teh Menus open one of the tabs under Main Menu and place the plugin where you would like them to be ( Personally create a new group called T4D Tools and place them there )

and that's it you have installed the plugins =)

Q- theese Thomas4d_Rigger & Thomas4D Control file names are Too BIG can I change them ?

A- Once you run the scripts

just save the model in layout with a new name to where ever you like

also you can save the Control objects with a new name to where ever you like too save the scene after you have done this, and all will be fixed =)

Q- why make a Boned face rig what wrong with teh endomorphs/ joystick rig

they are 3 options for face animation

1/ the normall endomorphs setup with slider  Basic setup A,E,O,B,F & M this is a good method
but you always add lots of other like smile, sad, brows up etc and you can end up with 20 or 30 slider this is nicer to control in LW 8's new morph mixer, but controling and keying all of them can turn into work

2/ Joysticks controling 4 up to 8 endomorphs controled by one keyable object. Can be setup in lots of different ways you can tie the standard A,E,O,B,F, M smile & sad to one joysitck or design a new system where each joystick controls each part of the face

( this type system is shown in the content for my tools But T4D face rigger can setup the endomorphs to joysticks any way you like )

this is a better system because you can control around 50 or up 88 endomorphs with 11 keyable objects Alot of fun to animate with BUT the down side is Making all those endomorphs ( this is what got me thinking about bones making all those endomorphs because it does turn into work after awhile.... )

3/ Bones No more making endomorphs you have a fully rigged character including face in under 15 mins you create your base face shapes A,E,O,B,F & M in Layout In negitive frames and just paste the keys to the the correct frame when needed
you also have complete control over the face as you animate you can fine tune the shape anytime no going back to Modeler you can grab any apart of the face and just move, rotate or scale the bones where you want it when animating

you can used the joystick/Endomorphs rig as well as the bones rig on the same face

Downside you have to create 9 weight maps in modeler and you might have to fine tune them ( blur weight maps works well as always ) and maybe even move some bones around but LW 8 comes to play here and makes this Easy

it's Super Fast at Rigging and it totally rocks it does have limits to how far you can push the bones before they distort the face too much, But I think that understandable and the fact you can uses endomorphs with it makes any tidy up needed easy too.

Q -I get error R_Hip is not in the scene ?

A- Make sure you have used skelegon from one of the example Characters there should be 94 bones in total if you paste the skelegon twice in to the character layer layout will rename all the bones with a (1) or (2) at the end so the name would have been change due to have 2 of the same named bone 


Q- Can i uses your tools to rig Poser characters for Lightwave

I Rig poser characters with it myself =)

the basic rig works as it does with everything else very Cool =)

BUT you have to spend more time on creating weight maps correctly

the main reason for this is poser character have ALOT of polygons and you want to get a nice fall on the weight maps which is hard with all those polygons

but you can get it work just takes alittle bit more time =)

afew tips

Overlap the weight maps eg upper arm goes down past the elbow, lower arm goes up past the elbow this just a better joint deformation

the hips and upper legs is the tricky bit to overlap and get correct

make 3 or 4 different upperleg and hip weight maps with difrferent levels of over lap

then in layout select the different weight maps for the bones to test how they deform

you can raise & lower the strenght on the hip bones to fine tune it as well

also get blur weight maps from www.flay.com


Q - Does it work on the Mac

A- YES it I have afew very happy Mac users and all LS and LSC  should work in lightwave 7.5c & lightwave 8 on the Mac 


Q- can I change the shoulder setup or setup my own IK feet

A- Yes you can do any changes you need to the rig they are no plugin Expression on the main body rig is it is ready for anything you got ready for you to add in your own Expression and plugin for your character the plugin create a nice professional rig but can always be added to when needed


Q- The Script isn’t working What do I do ??

A- First make sure your using Lightwave 7.5c or above

then send me the character file = X_thomas4d_rigger and the scene file that plug ins creates, we’ll help you as quickly as we can t4d@thomas4d.com


Q- Why is thou using weight maps? Does not layout setup a weight map when you rest the bone? Unless, of cousre these weights are to correct some minor issue in the mesh.

"some people " talk about this method too much, this is the old LW 5.6 and below method of rigging we're using LW 8 now.

without adding weight maps to your model my rigging tools still work But !!

1/ There no way it would work on all characters as easy as it does with weight maps I've made a generial tool for all characters that can be edited and change to suit anything with some character you just have to uses weight maps

2/ I built my tools for the newbie and pro's alike if the Pro's knows the tricks to working without weight maps they can uses my tools and i even have the bones there for them to fine tune and uses setting weight maps for the bones is it's own button in my plugins you don't have to uses it if you don't want to

3/ the user support would be HUGE placing bones and fine tuning them takes some knowledge I can do it myself but weights are alot more simplier and easy to understand for everyone

4/ I create all the weight maps mosts characters in 2 minutes

why not uses weight maps when it only takes this amount of time ??


5/ even in Lw 8 moving and re-activing bones takes more time then making the weight maps in Modeler


6/ without weight maps you most likely have to edit/move the model ( eg- spread legs apart ) in modeler to fit in with the No weight maps method, I hate doing this.Yes it is simple but then you have a character in layout that you have to re pose to get back to the neural pose

eg- both feet in standing position flat on ground ready for any expression you might want to add to keep the feet above the ground at all times


7/ adding extra bones for basic stuff without weight maps you have big bones effecting polygons they shouldn't so you have to add more bones just to keep the mesh solid

eg- heel bone needs to be adding because the lower & upper leg are effecting the feet make them move very badly


8/ I fine without weight maps just more work, setting a weight map and it works if there's alittle error go back to modeler and blur or edit the weight maps and it works

IF you set on not using weight maps you have to play with

Bones Rest Postion, Bone Rest Rotation,Bone Rest Lenght, Bone Strenght,

bone fall off min & max, Falloff type

and when you talking setting all those options when you have 2 to even 20 bones in an area THAT’S ALOT OF WORK in fine tuning those settings




Thomas4D Rigging Tools